Best Office Chairs Under $300 [Ergonomic & Regular]

Whether you’re working from a commercial building or home office, the furniture and decor tells a lot about the business and your health also!  One important piece of furniture to invest in is the office chair. For you, we’re presenting Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300.

Over recent years, owners have been placing special importance in their selection. Most go as far as selecting the chair personally over outsourcing the selection process to an office designer. The main reason for this is that they spend the larger part of their working day seated on the chair. There are many designs and colors that it’s virtually overwhelming selecting the best among them. If you are looking for the best ergonomic office chairs under $300, this will guide you in detail to make the considerations.

What are office chairs?

Every office has different types of chairs; I mean the same chair won’t suit in a law farm and a sales outlet. These include visitor’s chairs and office chairs. The office chair also called the desk chair is specially designed to be used behind the office desk. They are used by the different personnel that run the day to day business activities including executives, managers, secretaries and receptionists.

“Most of your work time will be spent on the chair. The body isn’t designed to remain in the same position for long periods without experiencing problems such as numbness and possible lower back pain.”

Most of these chairs are swivel type which includes features such as wheels and adjustable height. The best office chairs are designed to withstand long periods of use, promote mobility and, comfort. The reason for this is that their occupant will remain seated in them for long periods during work hours.

Can one type of office chair work for different offices?

Just like offices are different, so are office chairs. They are designed to suit specific environments. For example, an executive office chair is usually designed to provide comfort for its occupant for a couple of hours daily. On the other hand, one designed for hospital environments will occupy multiple persons throughout the day. As such, this chair is designed to remain durable and comfortable for months without the need for replacement. Therefore, when considering the type to buy, it’s important to keep in mind the kind of environment it will be used in.

Why Do We Need To Get The Best Office Chair?

There are countless brands and models. As with any type of furniture, there are some that stand out as the best. These are the highest quality chairs which promise elegance, durability and comfort for the user. Some of the reasons why you should invest in the best available include the following.

Most of your work time will be spent on the chair. The body isn’t designed to remain in the same position for long periods without experiencing problems such as numbness and possible lower back pain. Comfort is therefore an important factor to consider when selecting. The best chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort for their users even if they remain seated in the chair for hours.

“Most top executives select high quality chairs made from the best materials and modern designs as a way of promoting their business. In business, first impression says a lot.”

The best ergonomic office chair provides the best value for investment. Such chairs are designed for durability through the use of high quality materials. Low quality ones might come cheap, however, the use of low quality materials in their manufacture means that they break down within a short time and need to be replaced often. In the long run, the low quality chairs cost more in terms of replacing them without providing any real value to the business.


Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Chair?

If you’re looking for the best Office Chairs Under $300 or to be specific, Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300; This Content will guide you through.

First of all, Lets Break down the design.

Breakdown of the ergonomic office chair design:

The goal of the office chair is to provide comfort, adjustability, mobility and durability. The design incorporates different features which work together to ensure that this goal is achieved. Here is a breakdown of these features and their function.

-The backrest is one of the most important design features on any office chair. The reason for this is that it does not only allow the seat’s user seat back when working, it also provides support for the back, neck and shoulders.

-The backrest design should be such that it provides maximum support for the lower back region. Backrests come in 3 main designs. The low backrest design features a backrest that typically supports the lower and mid back. Their main disadvantage is that they don’t provide support for the shoulder and neck regions which can result in tense muscles.

-The mid backrest design features a backrest that supports both mid and upper back regions. Like the low backrest chairs, they don’t provide support for the neck and head. However, they are a good option for office routines that run for a couple of hours at a time such as meetings.

-High backrest chairs provide support for the whole back as well as shoulders, neck and head. Most of the executive chairs are actually high back office chairs. Generally, the best come with backrests that are between 13 and 20 inches wide. This allows the user’s back to comfortably fit into the chair.

-The seat is the next design feature that promotes comfort. The seat should be wide enough to allow the user to comfortably seat without the hips or sides squeezing against the armrests. In addition, the seat should provide enough padding to prevent muscle fatigue. In the case of meshed seats, the material used should also provide comfort. The highest quality products also come fitted with a height adjuster for the seat which allows users to comfortably sit with their feet planted on the floor. Finally, the seat length should also allow at least 2 inches between the seat edge and the back of the knees when the user has their back on the backrest and feet on the floor. This helps to alleviate stress on the lower back, hips and thigh muscles.

-Armrests are another feature found in many of the best products. This feature ensures that users don’t strain their shoulders, neck and upper body. They come with adjustable or fixed armrests. Adjustable armrests provide the best benefits as far as flexibility is concerned. When considering armrests, some of the factors to keep in mind include padding, height and, length. Length is especially an important consideration as armrests which are too long might knock against the desk when the chair is pulled closer to it. With regard to height, the armrest height should be such that the elbows lie perpendicularly on the armrest. This prevents strain on the neck and shoulder muscles.

-The base is another design feature that contributes to the chair’s intended goal. The base might include a swivel which promotes the chair’s mobility. A wheeled base in a five star design is considered best for office chairs as it also promotes mobility and stability of the chair. If you select a wheeled type, take into consideration the office flooring to prevent any form of damage. The base should also be wide enough to promote the seat’s stability.

Now lets see Which Quality make the best chair out of the others,

Aesthetics – A good office chair makes a bold statement about its occupant as well as the business. Although many people overlook aesthetics as something worth considering, a good looking chair goes a long way in making first impressions. Many office owners take their time filling their office with furniture and decor to give it an executive look only to invest in a low quality chair that doesn’t complement their efforts. When choosing, you should consider the furniture and decors already installed in the office and find a chair that complements these.

Materials used for the backrest and seat –Best Office Chairs Under $300 These products are made using a variety of materials. Leather is commonly used in best high end executive office chairs. Besides giving the chair an elegant look, leather is highly durable and breathable. The main disadvantage of leather is that it requires constant care and maintenance to retain its elegant look. Vinyl is an excellent substitute for leather. It’s cheaper, easier to clean and maintain as well as durable. However, its main shortcoming is that it tends to wear down fast with constant use.

Fabric provides an excellent alternative to both leather and vinyl. It offers numerous advantages, including different colors and patterns to choose from, affordability and, easy cleaning and maintenance. When selecting a fabric office chair, it’s advisable to go for high grade fabric which although expensive than lighter fabric, it will last longer. Seats with backrests and seats made using these materials have some form of padding which provides support for the muscles.

Mesh is another option if you prefer seats without padding. Mesh is usually used on the backrest to promote air circulation to the back. However, when looking around, take into consideration comfort provided since the chair has little padding. You can Check out TOP 10 PRODUCTS WHICH ARE FREQUENTLY BOUGHT TOGETHER WITH OFFICE CHAIRS

Ergonomics – The office chair design plays a huge role on whether its user will be comfortable seated on it for long periods or not. A chair that’s ergonomically designed allows the body to remain in a natural position without causing strain and tension to muscles and joints. This prevents both short term and long term health problems that include muscle strain and back pain. Some of the chair features to look at when considering ergonomics include the backrest, seat and armrests.

Materials used to make the base – Ultimately, all weight placed on the office chair will be displaced onto the base. It should therefore be strong enough to support persons of different weights. The bases of office chairs are made using a variety of materials including metal and plastic. Metal bases are considered the best since they are able to withstand heavy loads and usually don’t break if a lot of strain is placed on them. This is usually seen in seats that include plastics as part of their base design. The materials used to make the base, especially the wheels if included should also be safe for use on your office floor without damaging it.

Flexibility – How flexible it is to use an office chair can eliminate a lot of frustration during work hours. The best office chairs come fitted with features that make them flexible for use by different persons. Some of these features include adjustable seats, backrest and armrests, swivel function with locking system and, a wheeled base. Such flexibility ensures that the chair’s user can easily use the chair without inconvenience.

Ease of care and maintenance – These seats require daily care and maintenance to ensure that they remain in top form. How easy it is to take care and maintain the chair largely depends on the types of materials used in its manufacture. A chair that’s easy to maintain lowers the overall costs that will be incurred during its life cycle.

Warranty –  And advantage but not something mandatory. An office chair is one of the most important office investments you will make. That said, the chair’s warranty says a lot about its quality and its manufacturers dedication to ensuring clients get value for their investment. When looking at the warranty offered, look at the different clauses provided which include warranty on the base, upholstery and moving parts. Besides the warranty, it’s advisable to look at the return policy placed on the chair in case it arrives damaged or, doesn’t meet your needs.

Eco friendliness – Today’s top office chairs are designed to be Eco friendly. Besides being manufactured using materials that won’t pose health problems for users, these chairs are designed to ensure that the environment remains safe. An office chair will have to be disposed of once its life cycle is complete. When selecting an office chair, it’s therefore essential to consider whether it can be disposed of in an Eco friendly manner.

Pricing – Many people consider office chairs to be a bit expensive. They therefore resort to buying cheap chairs. Such a move can be costly in two ways. First, these chairs might be ill designed resulting in health problems for their user. Second, most are poor quality and end up getting damaged fast therefore increasing overall expenses incurred by the business when replacing the chairs regularly.

Final Verdict

Though its not a rocket science and mostly depends on your need and taste but When searching, it’s best to not try and save on your investment, but buy the highest quality chair you can afford. For you we’ve picked the best ergonomic office chairs under $300 which fits all the requirements to be yours!

Now that you’ve read Best Office Chair Reviews under $300, tell us how do you find the right one?

Hope my detailed Office Chair Review will help you to make the best choice. Next time, when you need to buy one, I am sure you choose the best office chair out there without any second thought. 

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