Any office has to have the right equipment and furniture in order to run efficiently and to deliver its mandate without any hitches. Office equipment can be very varied and most likely depend on the nature of the particular office and what goes on there.
Despite this, some things remain such as the office chair. Almost all offices have this vital piece of furniture and the several other things that come with it.

This piece discusses the top 10 products which are frequently bought together with office chairs while explaining the relative roles of each piece of equipment or furniture in an office setting.

  • Office table / cubicle

An office table defines the working space in an office and together with the office chair, they make the two most important pieces of furniture in any office. The purposes served by an office table are wide and varied and depend on the nature of the work that a particular office handles.
As a standard however, it is the things that are light and which cannot be placed very far off because of their importance in an office that are placed on the table such as the office stamp, pencil sharpener, office computer and the address book. For an open office, a cubicle or a work station usually substitutes the office table.
Office tables, cubicles and work stations are stocked together with office chairs and purchasing the two together may earn you a discount in most office supply chains.

  • Drawer \ filling cabinet

The filing cabinet comes as the second most frequently bought product together with office chairs after the cubicle or workstation. It is used to store paper documents in file folders that can easily be retrieved for later use.
The most popular filling cabinet types are either vertical files or lateral files. Filing cabinets are most likely to be found in offices that deal with large amounts of documents such as tax returns.

  • Office phone

The office telephone comes third in the list of the most frequently bought together items with office chairs. This piece of electronics is usually stocked with other electronic devices as opposed to being stocked alongside office furniture. Since its invention early in the 1900s the office telephone has become indispensable to many office operations.

  • Office stationery

Office stationery are a very natural requirement for offices and are frequently purchased together with other office equipment. They include all non-electronic items and which improve the way operations in an office are run by lessening the workload. Stationery include pencil sharpeners, paper clips, paper cutter, tape dispenser, office glue, marker pen, typewriter, coffee dispenser, manila folders, pins, books, pens, chalk plus many more.
For convenience, most office stationery are kept on the table, drawers and or in the stationery cabinet. Any of these items can be purchased separately or in sets.

  • Bookcase

A bookcase is used to stack books in an office. These books may serve as reference to office operations or for recreation purposes. Bookcases come in different sizes and ultimately depend on office requirements. Open office plans can share a single bookcase while the more traditional offices can choose to have a bookcase of their preferred size.
Although very frequently purchased alongside office chairs, bookcases can be substituted with drawers and shelves in an office.

  • Office Fan

Most offices have fans to keep them cool and they are most frequently bought together with the office chair and table. The ideal office fan is placed on the desk and is usually put at about two feet away from the face of the office holder. However, larger fans which can handle the cooling and ventilation needs of a whole office with several office holders are also very popular because of their cost effective nature. Office fans are stocked together with other electronic equipment.

  • Office electronics

Office electronics are a very important part of most offices as without them these offices would not be operational. The electronics include; office computers, photocopiers, printers, calculators, fax machine, typewriters, projectors, Laminators, voice recorders, shredders and many more. These are very frequently bought together with the office chair and the office table. Office electronics are not usually stocked alongside other office furniture due to the different nature of each but they are not placed very far off either.

  • Stationery cabinet

The stationery cabinet and which is also known as a stationery cupboard is a steel cabinet with shelves inside that are used for storing office items such as machine parts, hardware, and stationery. The stationery cabinet is normally stocked together with other office furniture such as chairs and tables.
This piece of office furniture best serves busy offices that run operations which involve a very large number of office stationery. However, smaller offices can also benefit by having a stationery cabinet, although drawers are more preferable in this case.

  • Flip chart

A flip chart is a stationery item supported with triple legs or on four legs and which is commonly used in office presentations. Many offices use this item to express their ideas, to develop them, to capture important information, to display a procedural way of doing things, and to instruct among other things. Flip charts are usually stocked together with other pieces of office furniture. They are substitutes to black boards.

  • Picture frame

Most offices have a personal touch about them and it is not uncommon for office holders to put a picture of themselves or that of their loved ones on a frame for inspirational reasons or otherwise. A picture frame can also be used to display the calendar, a memorable and or an inspirational quote.
All these reasons make it an important item in most offices and which is prioritized over many others. It can either be placed on top of the table or displayed on the wall.

As can be deduced above, the office chair is usually bought together with products that serve the immediate purpose of an office. Offices with smaller budgets have to optimize when buying office equipment buying the most important things first while progressively improving the state of the office. On the other hand, for individuals with larger budgets, all office equipment can be purchased at once together with office chairs.


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